Steering committee

The scientific steering committee (SSC) is composed of the responsible researchers of each laboratory of the CASA center (from UNIL and EPFL):

  • Prof. Othmar Müntener (UNIL – LA-ICP-MS lab – Chair of CASA)
  • Prof. Johanna Marin Carbonne (UNIL – SwissSIMS)
  • Prof. Lukas Baumgartner (UNIL – EMPA)
  • Prof. Alisson Daley (UNIL – SEM)
  • Prof. Anders Meibom (EPFL- NanoSIMS lab)

The SSC is charged with organising:

  1. Formation of the User-base
  2. Extend User-base to areas less familiar with surface analytics
  3. Selection of proposals from external users of the platform
  4. Oversee method development
  5. Course and seminars
  6. Provide a scientific and administrative report