CASA is lead by the scientific leaders of each laboratory within the consortium, which form a steering committee that meets at least twice per year:

  • Prof. Othmar Müntener (UNIL – LA-ICP-MS lab – Chair of CASA)
  • Prof. Johanna Marin Carbonne (UNIL – SwissSIMS)
  • Prof. Lukas Baumgartner (UNIL – EMPA)
  • Prof. Allison Daley (UNIL – SEM)
  • Prof. Anders Meibom (EPFL- NanoSIMS lab)

This steering committee discusses and coordinates:

  1. Projects that require more than one instrument within CASA
  2. Acquisition of new equipment
  3. New method developments
  4. Courses, seminars, and workshops
  5. An annual activity report addressed to the Rektorat of the University of Lausanne and to the Presidency of the EPFL.
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