Laboratories and instruments

The CASA facility is hosting 3 different laboratories organised around the following last generations SIMS instruments:

SwissSIMS laboratory led by Prof. Johanna Marin-Carbonne (UNIL)

Laboratory of Biological Geochemistry led by Prof. Anders Meibom (EPFL)

LA-ICP-MS laboratory led by Prof. Othmar Müntener  (UNIL)

  • An electron microprobe (Jeol JXA-8530 HyperProbe)

EMPA laboratory led by Prof. Lukas Baumgartner  (UNIL)

SEM laboratory led by Prof. Allison Daley (UNIL; CamScan MV2300, TESCAN MIRA LMU) and by Prof. Anders Meibom (EPFL; CryoSEM)

The Center is housed in “Geopolis” building openend in 2013, offering new laboratory rooms for our instruments as well as necessary facilities for sample preparation. All labs are virtually door to door of each other.


The UNIL-EPFL micro-analytical SIMS platform was created as a National Center of Competence opening doors to a broad range of the Swiss scientific community.

It has the following main objectives:

  1. Opening up the facilities to an extended user-base
  2. Schooling of User-base (see our “School” webpage)
  3. Promote User started grants
  4. Development of methods and standards