swisssims diagramThe IMS 1280-HR is a large radius secondary ion microprobe (CAMECA). Isotopes of a wide range of elements (from H to U) can be measured with high analytical performance, even for low contents (<1ppm). The design of the ion probe allows precise determination of large number of isotopic systems with an excellent precision.

  • Mass resolution: > 20 000
  • Lateral resolution: usually 10-15 µm, but can reach 3 µm
  • Depth resolution: hundreds of nm.

 The facility is open to swiss and international scientists. Projects can be submitted using an application form. At present the team is still strongly involved in isotopic and trace element analysis on minerals and glasses of geological interest.

More information on the SwissSIMS website

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The SwissSIMS facility is owned by the SwissSIMS société simple. The societé simple is governed by the owners committee, composed of one representatives of the 4 founding organizations, the universities of Bern, Geneva, and Lausanne, as well as the ETHZ.

Prof. Johanna Marin-Carbonne

Head of the lab


+41 (0)21 692 44 58

Dr. Anne-Sophie Bouvier

Lab Manager


+41 (0)21 692 44 67