NanoSIMS 50L schematicsThe NanoSIMS N50L (Cameca) is a ion microprobe optimized to produce images of large chemical or isotopic variations in solid samples in which high spatial resolution is required. Like the 1280 instrument, the NanoSIMS can deliver a primary beam of Cs+ or O- to a sample surface, but focused too a smaller spot of ∼50 and 150 nm, respectively.

  • Lateral resolution: 50-150 nm
  • Mass resolution: > 10000


The NanoSIMS N50L is equipped with a multi-collector system that allows simultaneous collection of up to 7 different isotopes. Images or maps can be generated from the lightest elements, such as H (e.g. D/H ratios), C (13C/12C ratios), N (15N/14N ratios), O (e.g. 18O/16O ratios) to the heaviest elements like uranium.

The NanoSIMS instrument belong to the Laboratory for Biological Geochemistry (LGB), an EPFL lab led by Prof. Anders Meibom.

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SONY DSC  Prof. Anders Meibom

Head of the lab

+41 21 69 38014

  Dr. Stephane Escrig

Lab Manager

+41 21 69 24373


Recent NanoSIMS review:

Hoppe et al.-2013-NanoSIMS- Technical Aspects and Applications in Cosmochemistry and Biological Geochemistry (PDF file; 5.5MB)