Tescan Mira II LMU

Field emission (Shottky-FE) SEM equipped with SE, in-lens SE and BSE detectors. EDX and EBSD analyses are performed using a Penta-FET 3x detector and a Symmetry camera, respectively, both monitored by the AZtec 4.2 software package released by Oxford Instruments. This instrument also allows for low-vacuum BSE observations up to 50 Pa.

The schedule for the Tescan Mira II LMU SEM can be checked here. For bookings, users are invited to email caroline.demeyer’at’unil.ch (or pierre.vonlanthen’at’unil.ch).

Camscan MV2300

SEM equipped with a standard thermionic source (W filament). The instrument is used for everyday SE, low-vacuum SE and BSE imaging, as well as for panchromatic cathodoluminescence (pan-CL) imaging. The instrumentation also includes a Penta-FET EDX detector released by Oxford Instruments, and the SEM microtomographic equipment (SEM micro-CT) manufactured by Bruker (SkyScan) for 3D volumetric analyses.

The schedule for the CamScan MV2300 SEM can be checked hereFor bookings, users are invited to contact caroline.demeyer’at’unil.ch (or pierre.vonlanthen’at’unil.ch).


Prof. Allison Daley

Head of the SEM lab

+41 (0)21 692 43 77

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